• 06 Jun 2023
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Article summary

What is Jitsi by 8x8?

Jitsi by 8x8 is a video conferencing tool available on desktop and mobile. The Jitsi by 8x8 integration is designed to let customers join virtual rooms to have video and audio meetings on the fly. Jitsi by 8x8 virtual rooms are similar to Zoom meeting links that anyone with the link can join.

Jitsi by 8x8 charges youper user for this integration.

How the Jitsi by 8x8 integration works

You need a Jitsi by 8x8 account, an API key dedicated to the integration and your Jitsi by 8x8 app ID to set up the integration. Once you have all the relevant details you can enable the integration in a few clicks on the Admin Panel.

For more information, check out Integrating Jitsi by 8x8

As soon as you complete the integration, the relevant customers and teams will be able to use virtual rooms to connect with other customers.

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