• 01 Sep 2022
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What is LiquidSpace?

LiquidSpace is an online marketplace and workspace network for renting office space.

How the LiquidSpace integration works

You can avoid duplicate bookings between LiquidSpace and Nexudus by enabling the Google Calendar integration from the Admin Panel and then connecting the corresponding calendars to LiquidSpace.

The integration between LiquidSpace and Nexudus is only possible via Google Calendar.

Bookings made in LiquidSpace are synced in Google Calendar that then syncs the booking in Nexudus.
LiquidSpace > Google Calendar > Nexudus

Bookings made in Nexudus are synced in Google Calendar that then syncs the booking in LiquidSpace.
Nexudus > Google Calendar > LiquidSpace

You need to enable the Google Calendar integration before you can connect your calendars to LiquidSpace.

Calendar sync only applies to bookings you create after completing the integration process.
All bookings that were already in your Nexudus/Google calendars when you enabled the integration remain in their respective calendars. This also applies to bookings created prior to the integration that are scheduled at a later date.
For example, if you complete the integration today, any booking you've created up until this point won't be synced, even if some bookings are scheduled for next week. 


Can I use LiquidSpace using Outlook instead of Google Calendar?

No, you need to use the Google Calendar integration if you want to sync LiquidSpace bookings in Nexudus and vice versa.

How often are bookings synced?

Since Google Calendar and Nexudus sync every 15 minutes, bookings made either in Nexudus or LiquidSpace will usually take around 15 minutes to be synced.

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