Monitoring Failed Check-ins
  • 11 Nov 2021
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Monitoring Failed Check-ins

Article Summary

Failed check-ins are simply a log of every instance where Nexudus tried to check a cutomer in but couldn't because they didn't have valid passes. A failed check-in doesn't necessarily mean that the customer didn't manage to access your space.

For example, a customer without valid passes unlocking an access control door linked to check-in will be registered as a failed check-in, but they'll still be able to unlock the door if they have a valid booking or they're part of an access grup that grant them door access.

You can access the failed check-ins log via Operations > Failed check-ins.


The failed check-in log lets you check at a glance:

  • Who tried to check-in (customer)
  • When they tried to check-in (check-in attempted at)
  • What was the check-in method used (check-in type)


The default view displays failed check-ins for the current day. You can click on the Segment icon and change the time frame.


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