Passes Usage
  • 11 Jul 2022
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Passes Usage

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Passes have Use priority setting that lets you define which ones should be used first. High priority passes are always used first. Normal priority passes are used first when no High priority pass is available in the customer's account. Low priority passes are used once no High or Normal priority passes are available in the customer's account.


If customers have more than one pass with the same use priority level, the following rules apply:

  • Day passes are always used before time passes.
  • Cheaper passes are used first, even if the pass is a plan or product benefit.
  • Passes coming from plans and products are used before passes that are added/sold manually.
  • Passes linked to fewer locations are used before those linked to more locations.
  • Time passes with more remaining time are used before those with less time.
  • For customers who are part of teams with Credit sharing enabled, individual passes are used before passes shared within the team.

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