• 13 Oct 2023
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What are Reminders?

Reminders are automated email notifications that you can send to different customer subgroups when an event, also known as a trigger, happens in Nexudus.

Reminders are a great tool to automate part of your customer communications and streamline your operations.

We've listed some reminder scenarios below:

  • Sending a message and a discount to your customers on their birthday.
  • Collect feedback from customers after each booking or at a specific date.
  • Remind members 3 days ahead of time that their plan will automatically renew.
  • Let your all your customers know that your space will stay open or close during public holidays.
  • Remind customers to come pick up their deliveries if they don't collect them within a week.
  • Share the onboarding process with new members 7 days before the start of their contract.
  • Let an admin know member contracts are ending 30 days before the cancellation date.

How Reminders Work

All reminders have three main components:

A Message

This is simply the canned message that you want to include in the email reminder that your users will receive.
The canned message you select is simply a message macro. The macro acts as a template that you can customize with message tokens such as the user's name or their current plan.

A Trigger

The trigger is a condition that needs to be met for the reminder to be sent to the user. Reminders have a set list of triggers you can choose from.

All reminders are sent either shortly after the trigger event happens or at 8a.m. your local time if the reminder is time-bound.


The triggers currently available are:

  • After a booking (for all resources or only a select few)
  • After purchasing a product
  • After submitting the sign-up form
  • After the first check-in
  • Days after a contract starts
  • Days after invoice is due
  • Days after last activity
  • Days after renewal
  • Days after sign-up
  • Days after uncollected delivery
  • Days before cancellation
  • Days before contract starts
  • Days before contract terms ends
  • Days before renewal
  • First invoice is paid
  • Fixed date
  • On the customer's birthday
  • When a customer booked once but not again in the last month
  • When a regular booker stops booking (more than 10 bookings but none in the last 6 months)
  • When customer books regularly (more than 4 bookings in the last 4 weeks, at least one in the last 7 days)
  • When customer has booked more than 10 bookings in the last 6 months but none in the last month

A group of customers

The user subset is simply the group of users who should receive the reminder.
Reminders can be sent to:

  • Disable reminder
  • All members
  • All contacts
  • All customers
  • All customers in specific plans
  • A single customer
  • Only team paying customers

You can also choose to send reminders to a specific email address via the Audience tab.

Reminders & Networks

Reminders are location-specific unless you create them in a network location and enable the Send to all locations within [your location name] toggle.

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