Resource Types
  • 05 May 2022
  • 1 Minute to read

Resource Types

What are Resource Types?

Resource types are a required field for all the resources in your inventory. Resource types let you apply the same prices to all the resources assigned the same type. Resource types act as pricing templates that you can edit and expand through each resource's Rates tab.

Resource types are not resource categories.

Resource types affect pricing and are a required field while resource categories control the display order of your resources on the Members Portal and are an optional field.

How Resource Types Work

If you use one of our resource templates to create your resources, a resource type is automatically created alongside the resource.


You can also create additional rates from the resource's Rates tab.

All the rates added to the resource are also automatically added to any other resource assigned the same resource type.

For example, if you create multiple hot desk banks using our template, each bank will have its own resource type. You can choose to have an individual resource type for each bank or assign one of the types to all of them, depending on how you want to manage your resources pricing.

If you create a resource from scratch using the Manual entry option, you'll need to create a resource type before creating the resource itself. Naming your resource types after your resources will make it easier for you find them when assigning it to the resources.

Resource Types & Credits

If you want customers to be able to pay for bookings using time credits, you should create a time credit type that includes the relevant resource types.

What the time credit type does in this scenario is let the system know that when a customer with time credits can be used to pay for bookings if the resource is part of a resource type that has