• 27 Apr 2023
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What are Roles?

Roles are sets of access rights that you define to control how some admins can use the platform. Roles define which sections of the Admin Panel an admin can access and which actions they can perform. Roles are an alternative to full unrestricted admin rights that allow users to access the Admin Panel in its entirety and perform any available action by default.

Your Nexudus account include two default roles:

Users can access the Admin Panel but cannot perform any action.
Users have full access to the Admin Panel and have the same rights as a full unrestricted admin.

How Roles Work

Each role is a set of permissions that grants users assigned that role access to the different sections of the Admin Panel and define what they can do on the Panel. You first need to create a role from scratch or using one of our templates. Once the role is created, you can assign it to any new or existing admin in your Users list.

Users can have multiple roles assigned to them.

Permissions & Actions

All roles include a comprehensive set of permissions. Permissions are specific areas of the Admin Panel and its records.

Each permission includes a set of action points that define which actions can be performed by the user. The available actions are:

  • LIST - access the listings related to the permission
  • READ - access the records related to the permission
  • CREATE - create new records related to the permission
  • CHANGE - edit existing records related to the permission
  • DELETE - delete existing records related to the permission

You can combine any of the available action points to grant more or less access and editing rights to users assigned that role.

You can also tick the ALL option to automatically select all the available actions for that permission.

If we take the Booking permission as an example, here is what each action point will mean for user with that role.


Allows the user to access the Bookings calendar & list on the Admin Panel.

Allows the user to open any booking record on the Admin Panel.

If you tick READ, make sure you also tick LIST as users need access to the listings to then be able to access a specific record.


Allows users to create a new booking on the Admin Panel.


Allows users to edit any existing booking on the Admin Panel.

Allows users to delete any booking on the Admin Panel.

Role Templates

Nexudus offers a range of role templates to make it easier for you to create roles. You can also use templates as a starting point and then tweak the permissions you want to grant users with that role.

For more information, check out Creating Roles.


Can I use the same role in multiple locations?

Yes, any role you create in any location can be assigned to any user within your network.

Can I have user roles for the Nexudus apps?

Yes, we have a comprehensive guide to help you set up role for Nexudus companion apps.

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