Self-hosting the Members Portal
  • 27 Feb 2024
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Self-hosting the Members Portal

Article summary

We usually recommend you customize your Members Portal using the code available in our built-in files, custom pages or by replacing and adding components.

You can also choose to host the Members Portal through your own infrastructure. Self-hosting is a suitable option if you want to:

  • Completely rewrite all pages of the Members Portal and apply radically different styles and layouts.
  • Use all or some of the portal features within your own marketing site or other platform features.

How the Members Portal is Built

The Members Portal is built using ReactJS on top of NextJS. It uses MobX as state management.

What You Need to Self-host

Node & Yarn

You need to install Node (greater than 10.19.0) and Yarn.

Your Members Portal Default Subdomain

You'll also need your Members Portal default domain. You can find this domain via Settings > Website on the Admin Panel.


In the example above, nexudustudio is the default subdomain. Make sure you keep this subdomain handy for the configuration.

Request Access to the Source Code

You can download the most recent version of the portal using GIT.

You'll need to accept the terms of the source code license available below and then reach out to for us to provide access to the repository.

LICENSE (3).txt

Editing the Configuration File

Once you have downloaded the source code, you need to edit the configuration file to make sure the code uses your Nexudus account.

Replace env/config.js with the snippet below, making sure you replace demo with your portal's default subdomain.

module.exports = {
 apiRoot: '',

Next, install all dependencies running yarn. This can take some time.


You should also install i18next-parser to produce the translation files during the build process.

yarn global add i18next-parser

Once yarn installed all packages, you can run the project:

yarn run dev

If you want to create a release version to publish in the .next folder, run:

yarn run build

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