Sending GoCardless Requests to Customers
  • 27 Jul 2022
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Sending GoCardless Requests to Customers

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Once GoCardless is an enabled payment method in your location and the option is enabled in every customer account, you need to send direct debit mandate requests to your customer. You can do this in a few clicks on the Admin Panel.

  1. If the navigation menu isn't visible, click the menu icon in the top left corner of the page.

  2. Tick the checkbox next to every customer who should receive the email request.

  3. Select Send Direct Debit request email in the Bulk Actions menu.

  4. Click Yes, do it to confirm.

All the selected customers should receive an email notification prompting them to add their bank details and authorize the direct debit mandate from GoCardless.

Your customers and their banks must accept the direct debit mandate request before you can start receiving any payments from them through GoCardless.

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