Personal Tax Rates
  • 26 Aug 2022
  • 1 Minute to read

Personal Tax Rates

What are Personal Tax Rates?

Personal tax rates are a custom tax rate that you define for a specific customer. The personal tax rate applies to all purchases made by the customer, instead of the default tax rate when invoiced items don't have an assigned tax rate.

Personal tax rates only override the default tax rate.

Items with an assigned custom tax rate will always be charged based on their assigned rate.

Why Use Personal Tax Rates

Personal tax rates are a great solution when only a couple of your customers require a different default tax rate that wouldn't apply to the rest of your customer base.

Personal Tax Rates & Teams with Merged Invoicing

If a team has a merged billing enabled and the team's paying customer has a personal tax rate in their account, any item purchased by team members that doesn't havean assigned tax rate will be charged using the team's paying customer personal tax rate.