Transferring Invoices to Xero
  • 30 Sep 2022
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Transferring Invoices to Xero

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Automated Invoice Transfer & Reconciliation

If you enabled the Automatically send invoices issued in Nexudus to Xero and the Automatically reconcile payments made in Xero with Nexudus invoices toggle while completing your Xero integration, your invoice are automatically transferred and reconciled every 6 hours.


No need to worry about transferring invoices or reconciling payments anymore — Nexudus does it for you!

Manual Invoice Transfer & Reconciliation

There are some instances where you may not want to wait for the automated invoice transfer happening every 6 hours. The good news is, you can always manually transfer your invoices in a matter of minutes.

You can manually transfer any draft, unpaid, due or paid Nexudus invoice to Xero. You can also transfer due and unpaid Nexudus invoice to Xero, process a payment for the invoice in Xero, and update the invoice status in Nexudus by running a second transfer.

The transfer process is the same whether you want to transfer your invoices for the first time or update their status in Nexudus after processing their payment in Xero.

Any invoice issued prior to matching your chart of accounts and tax rates with Xero cannot be transferred.

  1. If the navigation menu isn't visible, click the menu icon in the top left corner of the page.

  2. Click Finance > Invoices.

  3. Tick the checkbox next to all the invoices you want to transfer to Xero.
You can select up to 100 invoices per transfer.
  1. Click Transfer to Xero.

Your transfer should start immediately. If you are transferring a large number of invoices, the transfer may take up to a few minutes.

If there was a problem during the transfer, we'll let you know what caused the error. An error during the transfer of one invoice won't affect the transfer of other invoices within the sequence. Nexudus moves to the next selected invoice until the sequence is fully transferred.

All invoices that were successfully transferred to Xero now have an In Xero tag that you can see from the invoices list.

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