What's New - March 2023
  • 02 May 2023
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What's New - March 2023

Article summary

Here's a summary of all the new updates released by Nexudus in March 2023.

  • Resource rules can now be copied for easy setup

  • Use embedded pages to bring other content and apps to your Admin Panel

  • Proposals can now have an expiration date

  • It is now possible to select which specific plans will keep new member accounts suspended when signing up to them as part of the details of each plan.

  • The CRM opportunities list now lets you add opportunities to newsletter groups in bulk.

  • Admins can now post images to discussion board threads from the Admin Panel.

  • You can now convert a help-desk message into a task for your team.

  • The access control system integration with Brivo will now grant access to specific areas of your building when a desk or office is booked on the calendar and not just when is part of a contract.

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