• 24 Nov 2022
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What is Xero?

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software. Our integration with Xero lets you:

  • Transfer invoices issued in Nexudus to Xero
  • Process payments for Nexudus invoices in Xero
  • Sync invoice payments processed in Xero back to Nexudus


How the Xero Integration Works

You need a matching chart of accounts in Nexudus and Xero. You also need matching tax rates in Nexudus and Xero.

Once your chart of accounts and tax rates match in both platforms, you can easily enable the integration on the Admin Panel. After enabling the integration on the Admin Panel, you can start transferring invoices from Nexudus to Xero. You can then process payments for unpaid Nexudus invoices in Xero and run a second transfer to update their status in Nexudus.

For more information, check out Integrating Xero.

Using Xero as a Payment Method

Our accounting integration with Xero also lets your customers pay their invoices on your Members Portal using a payment provider set up in your Xero account.

For more information, check out Using Xero as a Payment Method.

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