• 04 Jul 2022
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Article Summary

What is eZeep?

eZeep is a cloud-based printing solution that lets your users print from any device. The integration with Nexudus lets them print using printing credits, pay-per-print or a combination of both.


How the eZeep Integration Works

You first need to get an eZeep subscription and set up your printers in your eZeep account.

Once you've set up your eZeep account and your printers, you can enable the integration from the Admin Panel. When the integration is live, you can invite your users to use eZeep.

They receive an email notification with their temporary credentials. They can then log in to their eZeep account every time they want to print from any of their devices.

Nexudus automatically runs a sync every 15 minutes to add new users in eZeep once you complete the integration.


Can I manually sync Nexudus users in eZeep?

Yes, from the Admin Panel only! You can trigger a manual sync by ticking the checkbox next to every relevant user and then clicking Update eZeep in the Bulk actions menu.

What happens to eZeep account of my users when I delete them from a location?

Nexudus automatically removes users from your eZeep account when users are:

  • suspended for any reason
  • deleted from the Admin Panel

Nexudus also automatically removes users from you disable the eZeep toggle in their account.

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