• 27 Oct 2022
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What is Akiles?

Akiles is an access control system that lets users unlock doors using their phones, codes, and NFC cards. The integration automatically creates an Akiles user account for any new customer you create in Nexudus.

How the Akiles integration works

The integration allows one-way data transfers — from Nexudus to Akiles.

Every time you create a new customer in Nexudus, the integration creates a user for that customer in Akiles. The customer can then open a set group of Akiles doors in your space through this user account. If you delete the customer in Nexudus, Akiles deletes the matching user to remove their door access.

Unlike our native access control integrations, the Akiles integration doesn't consider the purchases made by the customer to grant them door access. They can unlock a set group of doors, even without valid bookings, passes, or assigned offices/desks.

Want your customers to get door access based on their purchases?

Consider using one of our access control integrations that offer more flexibility and functionality.

Integrating Akiles is a three-step process:

  1. Open and set up an Akiles account.
  2. Enable the integration on the Akiles admin panel.
  3. Enable the integration in Nexudus via Settings > Add-ons on the Admin Panel.

Reach out to Akiles at contact@akiles.app to get started.


Who should I reach out to for more information or help?

Akiles developed this integration whihc means you should reach out to contact@akiles.app for any additional information or help.

Can I connect a customer's PIN code or access card number to Akiles ?

You may be able to connect Nexudus PIN codes and access cards using the Akiles and Nexudus APIs. It is a technical process and you need the help of a developer to achieve this.

Unless you are set on using Akiles, we recommend choosing an access control integration that already supports Nexudus PIN codes and access cards.

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