Bulk Edits
  • 28 Jun 2024
  • 2 Minutes to read

Bulk Edits

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What are Bulk Edits?

Bulk edits let you change the settings of a selected customer group instead of manually changing that setting in each customer account.

You can change several customer settings in one go, saving your team precious time.

For example, instead of manually enabling payment email notifications for each member of a team, you can enable it for all customers in teams in just 3 clicks!

Only full unrestricted admin can apply bulk edits.
You cannot reverse bulk edits — always check your changes summary before applying.

How Bulk Edits work

Bulk edits are a simple three-step process:

  1. Pick a customer group that your bulk edits should apply to.
  2. Select the settings and options you want to change in bulk.
  3. Review and apply your selection of changes.

Your update can take up to a few minutes if you're editing a large number of customers and settings.

For more information, check out Applying Bulk Edits

Bulk edits options

You can select any number of bulk edit options from a selection of settings categories. Click on each category below for more details on the options available:

  • for new invoices
  • for payment receipts
  • for failed payments
  • notify selected customers team when a delivery is received for them

  • Professional profile
  • Enable / Disable the directory profile for the selected customers

  • Payments
  • Enable / Disable GoCardless
  • Enable / Disable Stripe BACS DD
  • Enable / Disable automated payment collection for due invoices if payment details are available

  • Printing
  • Enable / Disable printing via Ezeep
  • Enable / Disable unlimited free printing via Ezeep
  • Enable / Disable unrestricted user in PaperCut

  • Square
  • Can add customers to Square customer list

  • Access
  • Suspend selected customers
  • Give access to team invoices to selected customers
  • Give access to your IT network to selected customers
  • Let the selected customers make bookings
  • Let the selected customers purchase products
  • Let the selected customers purchase event tickets
  • Let the selected customers post community messages

  • You can mix and match the options available in all categories as long as they're all relevant to your customer group.

    For example, you can change notifications and payment settings in one go, as long as you're happy with the edits applying to the customer group you've selected.


    How can I fix a bulk edit I've applied by mistake?

    If you've changed a simple setting such as granting or removing access to specific areas of your platform, just reselect the original option and apply your changes again.

    Why can't I apply bulk edits?

    You can't apply bulk edits unless you are a full unrestricted admin. Either ask a full unrestricted admin to give you full unrestricted rights or have them apply the bulk edits for you.

    Can I apply bulk edits to multiple locations?

    Yes, if you apply bulk edits from a network location, the changes will apply to all customers within the network and all other locations under it.

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