Changing Your Members Portal Favicon
  • 06 Jun 2023
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Changing Your Members Portal Favicon

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Favicons are the small images that you can see on your browser tabs. You can customize this favicon to match your logo or your branding in Nexudus.


Changing your members portal favicon is an easy two-step process on the Admin Panel.

Step 1. Uploading your Favicon to the Custom Files Folder

You need to upload your favicon image to the custom files folder of the template editor to link to it in the code.

We recommend using PNG files.
  1. Log in to if you aren't already.

  2. Click on Image files.

  3. Click Add image on the top right corner of the page.

  4. Click Select file and select your favicon.

    Your file's name cannot include any:
    • Spaces
    • Brackets — (), {}, []

  5. Click the Save Changes button.

Your favicon file now appears in the folder.


  1. Click on your favicon.

  2. Copy your favicon's URL by clicking on the clipboard icon and save it somewhere.


You'll need it to complete the next step.

Step 2. Adding your Favicon to the head.js File

Once you've uploaded your favicon and saved its URL, all you need to do is add a snippet of code to your head.js .

  1. Click on head.js.

  2. Add the following code snippet at the end of the head.js file, after the */ symbols.

{"type": "link",        
"rel": "icon",        
"href": "",       
"sizes": "32x32"}
Make sure you copy the full snippet, including the square braces [ ].
  1. Add your favicon's URL between the quotation marks after the href tag.


Make sure the URL is within the quotation marks.
  1. Click the Save button. 

Your favicon should now appear when you open your members portal page in any browser. If you don't see your favicon, try refreshing the page.

Your favicon may take a few days to show up in browser searches.

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