Checking in Using Wi-Fi
  • 11 Nov 2021
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Checking in Using Wi-Fi

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You need to enable the RADIUS or MikroTik integration prior to using Wi-Fi check-in.

You can then set up access tokens to provide internet access that you can then include in customer plans or sell via products bundled with passes.

Enabling Network Check-in

  1. Log in to if you aren't already.

  2. Click Settings > Check-in settings.


  1. Click on the Network check-in tab.

  2. Enable the Automatically check known users in based on their MAC address toggle.

  3. Define the maximum number of connected devices you want to allow per user.


  1. Click Save settings.

Every time a customer connects to the network using the same device, Nexudus will recognize their device. Customers need a valid pass and a valid acces token to be checked in and connected to your network. When their device remains inactive for more than 15 minutes, the customer is automatically checked out.‌

Access Tokens

Access tokens give customers an amount of minutes that they can use to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Access tokens are directly linked to check-ins so that when someone connects to your network via your captive portal, they can use the token to access the internet. Access tokens simply provide internet access for a given amount of time.‌

The access token will be valid for as many devices as the capacity of the room booked. The token is valid from 15 minutes before the booking starts all the way to 15 minutes after the booking ends.

Adding Access Tokens

  1. Log in to if you aren't already.

  2. Click Operations > WiFi Access Token.


  1. Click Add access token.

  2. Edit the default Code if you want to use your own.

This is the code customers will use to connect to your network.
  1. Define the Access time based on how long you want customers to have access to your network.

  2. Define the access token's Validity based on how many days you want to allow customers to connect to your network until they run out of access time.

  3. Set the Maximum number of devices based on how many devices you want to be able to use the same token.

For example, if the access token is for a team of 5 people and you want each of them to connect no more than 2 devices, you'd set the limit to 10 devices.

  1. Click the Save Changes button.

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