Defining Resource Limits
  • 27 Feb 2024
  • 1 Minute to read

Defining Resource Limits

Article summary

You can define multiple resource limits that let you control details such as the resource's:

  • Availability
  • Capacity
  • Cancelation and late booking policies
  • Booking duration

If you want to implement multiple limits for different customers (members vs contacts), times of day or even for specific durations, we recommend you implement resource rules instead.

  1. Log in to if you aren't already.

  2. Click Inventory > Resources.

  3. Click on the relevant resource.

  4. Click on the Limits tab.

  5. Click on any section to open the available options.

  6. Edit the limits as needed.

  7. Repeat the process for each limit you want to apply.

  8. Click the Save Changes button.

All set! Repeat the process for all your other resources.

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