Event Tickets
  • 24 Nov 2022
  • 1 Minute to read

Event Tickets

What are Event Tickets?

Event tickets give customers access to the events organized by your space. Every event you create in Nexudus needs tickets to register event attendees on the Admin Panel and let customers RSVP from the Members Portal. All events should have tickets, even if they are free, to let customers RSVP from the Members Portal. If your events don't have any tickets, admins will need to manually register every attendee on the Admin Panel.

Nexudus event tickets work similarly to standard digital tickets with customers receiving their tickets via email once they purchase them on the Members Portal or an admin adds them to their account on the Admin Panel.

How Event Tickets Work

Once you have an event in Nexudus, you can start adding tickets to it. Event tickets can have a set price or be free. A single event can have multiple ticket types with different prices that apply to:

  • All customers
  • Only members
  • Only members signed up to a specific plan
  • Only contacts

Event tickets can also have limits such as how many of them can be purchased by a single customer and how many tickets are available in total based on the event capacity.

Nexudus doesn't charge or commission sales of tickets priced at $/€/£0.
All event tickets that you sell via Nexudus with a price above 0 are charged €/$/£0.50 along with a 1% commission per ticket sold.

For example, if you sell a $10 event ticket via Nexudus, we add a $0.60 charge to your monthly Nexudus subscription for each ticket you sell.

Tickets purchased using money credits also incur that charge.