FAQ - Xero
  • 18 Jul 2022
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FAQ - Xero

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Can I connect the same Xero account to multiple locations?

Absolutely! As long as you have one organization per location in your Xero account, you can connect the same Xero account to connect multiple locations. You can also choose to have a separate Xero account for each location and connect them individually.

Do I need to run a new transfer for all my invoices if I get an error message?

No, errors don't stop the sequence transfer. Nexudus will try to transfer as many invoices as possible in any given sequence. Failed transfers will appear as Xero error notes and successful transfers will appear as invoices in Xero.

Can I transfer invoices created in Xero to Nexudus?

No, invoice transfers only work with invoices created in Nexudus.

Are invoices automatically synchronized between Nexudus and Xero?

No, you need to run a transfer for any new invoice in Nexudus. You also need to run a second transfer to update Nexudus invoices that you edited in Xero.

Can I process invoice payments in Xero and have the invoice marked as PAID in Nexudus?

Yes, all you need to do is select the invoices you've paid in Xero and run a second transfer from Nexudus. The invoice status in Nexudus will be updated from UNPAID or DUE to PAID.

I've edited my chart of accounts in Xero, but they weren't updated in Nexudus. What should I do?

Editing your chart of accounts in Xero won't automatically update your chart of accounts in Nexudus. You need to manually update the accounts in Nexudus and manually edit the financial accounts in all the invoices you plan on transferring.

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