Google Calendar (Administrator)
  • 20 Jun 2022
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Google Calendar (Administrator)

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What is Google Calendar (Administrator)?

Google Calendar for administrators is an integration that lets your admins place Nexudus bookings from shared Google calendars and automatically sync any new booking made either in Nexudus or Google Calendar.

How the Google Calendar (Administrator) Integration Works

You enable the integration by creating one public calendar for each ressource you want to connect in Google Calendar. You cant then enable the integration on the Admin Panel and match each calendar to the relevant resource in Nexudus.

Once you've enabled the integrations, bookings made in Google Calendar are automatically synced in Nexudus. Bookings made in Nexudus are also automatically synced in the connected Google calendars.

You only need to let one full unrestricted admin in Nexudus connect the bookings calendar to their Google Calendar account. Other admins can then add the public calendars to their own and manage it from their own account.

You don't need to worry about double-booking as Nexudus automatically checks for conflicting bookings in Google Calendar before synchronizing them.

Resources connected to floor plan items such as desks and offices cannot be synced with Google Calendar
This means that if one of your resources is connected to hot desks or an office on your floor plan, you won't be able to use the Google Calendar integration for that specific resource.

The Google Calendar integration is also another way to integrate other booking providers such as a LiquidSpace.


Can I create recurring bookings in Google Calendar?

Yes, recurring bookings placed in Google Calendar are automatically synced in Nexudus.

What happens if I don't add customer emails when creating a booking in Google Calendar?

The booking you created in Google Calendar is still synced in Nexudus, but it won't be assigned to any customer. You can manually assign a customer to the booking from Nexudus or add their email to the booking in Google Calendar to link it to a customer.