Integrating Avigilon
  • 01 Sep 2022
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Integrating Avigilon

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What You need to Integrate Avigilon

1. An Avigilon Account & Server Address

If you don't have an Avigilon account yet, we recommend you get in touch with them via their contact form. They will help you set up your account and install the system in your space. You'll also need your Avigilon server address to enable the integration in Nexudus.

2. Your Nexudus Inventory

The integration works by connecting Avigilon access groups to passes, resources, desks, and offices in Nexudus. It is important to have these items set up in your space prior to the integration.
If you still need to add items to your inventory, check out the following tutorials:

3. Access Groups in Avigilon

The Avigilon access groups define which doors a certain type of customer can unlock. Nexudus will automatically add customers to access groups as they purchase linked passes, book resources or rent desks and offices. Nexudus also automatically removes customers from access groups as their passes expire, their contracts are cancelled, or their bookings end.

What to Consider When Creating access Groups

  • The total number of access groups you need to create

We recommend creating one access group for each pass, resource, desk, and office available in your Nexudus account.

For example, if you have 3 passes, 5 resources, and 7 desks in your Nexudus account, you should create 15 access groups in Avigilon, one for each item in your inventory.

  • Which doors you need to include in each access group
    When creating access groups, think about all the doors linked to Avigilon that your customers have to unlock in order to access a specific resource or area of your building.

Let's say your space has its main entrance door, each floor entrance door, and each resource door linked to Avigilon. Each resource needs its own access group and should include at least: the resource door, the door of the floor where the resource is located, and the main entrance door.

Including all the necessary doors in your access groups will ensure your customers don't get stuck in your space and they can access the areas that they should have access to based on their purchases.

Integrating Avigilon with Nexudus

  1. If the navigation menu isn't visible, click the menu icon in the top left corner of the page.

  2. Click Settings > Integrations > Avigilon.

  3. Enable the Avigilon integration toggle.

  4. Add your Avigilon Server address.

  5. Add your Avigilon Username and Password.

  6. Click the Save Changes button.

Multiple new sections will load under the integration settings to let you connect your inventory items to the corresponding Avigilon access groups.


Scroll down to the Resources section. This section lets you link resource doors to their corresponding access group in Avigilon.


Click on each drop-down menu and select the access group you want to link from the list.

Linking an access group to a resource means that any customer booking that resource will be added to that access group 15 minutes before their booking starts. Nexudus will also remove them from the access group 15 minutes after their booking ends.


The Passes section lets you link passes you sell customers via plans or products to their corresponding access groups in Avigilon.

Click on each pass drop-down list and select the access group you want to link from the list.

Linking an access group to a pass means that any customer purchasing that pass via a plan or a product will be added to the corresponding access groups in Avigilon.

Each Avigilon access group/Nexudus pass pair must have matching access times

For example, if a pass grants access to your space from 9 to 5 but the Avigilon access group only grants access from 10 to 5, customers holding this pass will only be able to access your space between 10 and 5.

Desks / Offices

Scroll down to the Desks / Offices section. This section lets you link floor plan items to their corresponding access group in Avigilon.


Click on each desk or office dropdown menu and select the access group you want to link from the list.

Linking an access group to a desk or an office means that any customers holding an active contract for that desk or office will be added to that access group in Avigilon.
Customers are added to the access group when their contract starts and they are removed from the access group when their contract ends.

Make sure to click Save changes in the bottom right corner of the page once you've mapped all the relevant items.

You've completed the Avigilon integration with Nexudus. Your customers will be able to access your space and unlock doors according to the passes they purchase, the bookings they make and the desks or offices they rent.

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