• 25 Aug 2022
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What is NexEvents?

NexEvents is an app available on iOS and Android tablets that lets your event attendees check in to events happening in your space.

How NexEvents Works

Every event attendee receives a QR code and a PIN code along with their ticket for the event. They can use any of the two codes to check in through the app.

For more information, check out Setting up NexEvents and Using NexEvents.

Tablet Requirements

You need at least one tablet meeting the requirements detailed below to use NexEvents. You can choose to set up several tablets with NexEvents if you want to allow event check-in/outs in multiple areas of your space.


7 inches

9 to 12 inches

Tablets must be able to connect to Wi-Fi.
Tablets must support Bluetooth 4.0 (also known as BLE) or above.
Version 12.4 or later

Version 9 or up
This app doesn't work on Amazon Fire tablets or any tablet that doesn't have access to either the App Store or Google Play. 

What You Need to Set Up NexEvents

An Admin Account Dedicated to NexEvents

We recommend you create a dedicated admin account for NexEvents.

You can create a full unrestricted admin or a restricted user with a role that includes the following permissions:

  • AccessToken - All
  • Business - List, Read
  • Coworker - List, Read
  • RefreshToken - All
  • User - List, Read, Create

For more information, check out User Roles Examples.

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