• 01 Sep 2022
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Article Summary

What is OpenPath?

OpenPath is an access control system that lets your customers autonomously unlock doors and access different areas of your space using access cards. Their access is based on their passes, bookings, product purchases, and active contracts.


Using the OpenPath integration adds a $/£/€50 monthly charge to your Nexudus subscription per location enabled.

How the OpenPath Integration Works

The OpenPath integration automatically grants access to your space using OpenPath access groups and various inventory items you have in Nexudus. You can connect OpenPath access groups to:

  • resources
  • passes
  • desks and offices

You need to create an access group per Nexudus item you want to connect and each access group should include all the doors customers need to unlock.

For example, if you want to connect a resource to OpenPath, you should create a dedicated access group that includes all the doors a customer needs to open in order to get to the resource.

Once you have all the relevant access groups in OpenPath, you can enable the integration in Nexudus and connect each relevant inventory item to its corresponding access group.

Customers who book the connected resources, get passes or have a desk/office assigned to one of their contracts are then automatically able to open the doors included in the OpenPath access group you connected to the relevant Nexudus items. They are able to unlock the relevant doors using their OpenPath access card.

For more information, check out Integrating OpenPath.


Can my customers use OpenPath mobile passes to unlock doors?

No, customers can currently only unlock doors using OpenPath access cards, also known as encrypted credentials.

How many access groups should I create in OpenPath?

You should create one access group per Nexudus item you want to connect to OpenPath. For example, if you have 3 resources and 4 passes that you'd like to connect to OpenPath, you'll need 7 access groups.