Referral Discounts
  • 11 Jun 2024
  • 1 Minute to read

Referral Discounts

Article summary

What are Referral Discounts?

Referral discounts are a type of discount that applies to customers who successfully encourage new customers to join your space. Referral discounts can be a rate or a set amount of money. You can make referral discounts available to members or contacts only.

For example, you can have a referral discount of 10% for contacts and $20 referral discount for members.

How Referral Discounts Work

Once you've created the referral discount on the Admin Panel, a banner is displayed at the top of the Members Portal.


Customers simply need to click on the link and add the email address of someone they know. An email notification is sent to the person added by your customer and if this person signs up via the email notification link, the customer who referred them gets the defined discount.

You can only use one referral discount per invoice.

If a member successfully refers 5 people and each referral discount is worth $10, the member will get $10 off the next 5 invoices.

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