Tracking Check-ins
  • 11 Jul 2022
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Tracking Check-ins

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Tracking Check-ins on the Admin Panel

You can see who is currently checked in on the via Operations > Who is in? on the Admin Panel. The page displays all the check-ins and check-outs recorded for customers on the current day by default. You can click on Month to get a calendar view of all check-ns recorded for the month as well.


You can easily export a list of all customers checked in that day or month by clicking on Export xx records in the bottom left corner of the page.


Tracking Check-ins on the Members Portal

You can also let your customers see who is currently checked in by enabling a setting in your account.

  1. Log in to the Admin Panel if you aren't already.

  2. Click on the Home page tab.

  3. Enable the Show a list of currently checked in customers toggle.


  1. Click Save settings.

Customers should now be able to filter the Directory page by checked-in members.


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