• 05 Jun 2023
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What are Sensors?

Sensors are small devices that detect and measure specific elements within the environment where they're placed. They record environmental data and let you use it to track changes and trigger actions.

For example, a temperature sensor can measure the temperature a meeting room at regular intervals and trigger air conditoning if the temperature ever goes above a certain threshold.

How Sensors work

Nexudus currently integrates with D12S sensors. The integration lets you connect your D12S sensors to Nexudus and automatically create them on the Admin Panel. Our technical team is working hard to expand the the number of sensor integrations available to you.

You can also manually add your own sensors if you already have sensors. Just remember that manually adding sensors requires a fair bit of technical expertise. If in doubt, opt for a sensor integration or contact support for more information.


Can I use any sensor in Nexudus?

Nexudus currently supports D12S sensors natively. Our team is working towards integrating with more sensor providers. You can still manually add sensors.

How often is sensor data updated?

D12S sensors data is synced every 15 minutes or less.

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