Setting up NexDelivery
  • 11 Apr 2022
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Setting up NexDelivery

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Setting up NexDelivery is a simple three-step process.

What You Need to Use NexDelivery

An iOS or Android device compatible with Bluetooth 4.0

An Admin Account Dedicated to NexDelivery

We recommend you create a dedicated admin account for NexDelivery, if all your staff members use the same device with the app.
If staff members can use their own admin account if they use their own device with the app.

You can create a full unrestricted admin or a restricted user with a role that includes the following permissions:

  • Business - List, Read
  • Coworker - All
  • RefreshToken - All
  • AccessToken - All
  • CoworkerDelivery - All
  • Report - All

For more information, check out User Roles for Apps.

1. Downloading the NexDelivery App

NexDelivery is available on iOS and Android devices:

Once you've downloaded the app, you can open the app on your device and move to the next step.

2. Logging in to your Nexudus Account

  1. Log in using your Nexudus credentials.

  2. Select your space from the location list.

You are redirected to the NexDelivery home screen.

3. Allowing Camera Access for NexDelivery

NexDelivery uses your device's camera to scan the parcel labels. You only need to allow NexDelivery to use your device's camera once.

  1. Tap the Add Delivery icon.

  2. Tap OK.

  3. Tap the arrow icon in the top left corner of the screen of the cross icon at the bottom of the screen to exit the scanning mode.

All set! You're ready to use NexDelivery.

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