Stripe ACH
  • 19 Apr 2022
  • 2 Minutes to read

Stripe ACH

What Is Stripe ACH?

Stripe ACH is a direct debit payment provider available in the United States that lets you collect both recurring and one-off payments directly from your customers’ bank accounts.

Country Availability
United States

Processing Time
2 to 5 business days
For more information, check out Stripe ACH Timing.

Payment Limits
$6,000 per transaction / $10,000 per week
You can get in touch with Stripe support to increase your transaction limit and your weekly cap.

How Stripe ACH Works

The setup process to use Stripe ACH as a payment method in your space is simple:

1. Open an account with Stripe ACH
2. Enable Stripe ACH as a payment method in Nexudus
3. Send Stripe ACH signup requests to customers through Nexudus

Once you send customers the signup request, they will be able to add their bank details and complete the Stripe ACH mandate request.

For more information, check out Enabling Stripe ACH.

Customers and their banks must accept the direct debit mandate request before you can start receiving any payments from them through Stripe ACH.
Most Stripe ACH payments take 4 business days to be fully settled.

If a customer is invoiced on the 1st of the month and their invoice becomes due on the 4th, your won't receive payments before the 6th at the earliest.

Stripe ACH Refunds

Refunding invoices originally paid through Stripe ACH is always a two-step process:

1. Recording the refund in Nexudus

You should start by recording the refund in Nexudus, making sure you select ACH (Stripe) as the payment method. Refunding the customer helps you keep track of the refund in Nexudus, but it won't trigger any actual refund through Stripe ACH.

2. Sending the refund through Stripe ACH

Once you've recorded the refund in Nexudus, you should also manually refund your customer through Stripe ACH for the same amount you've refunded in Nexudus. This second step is crucial, as the customer won't receive their refund until you send it through Stripe ACH.

Stripe ACH Failed Payments

If a Stripe ACH payment fails and you'd like to trigger a new payment request in Nexudus, all you need to do is edit the invoice reference.

Why do you need to edit your invoice reference?

All your issued invoices have a unique idempotency key that payment providers use to identify each payment request. Once this key is used to request a payment, it can't be reused to prevent duplicate payments.

Editing your invoice reference effectively generates a new idempotency key and allows Stripe ACH to trigger second payment request for the same invoice.

You can edit your invoice reference by opening the invoice and then clicking on the reference itself.

Do not edit the invoice number itself.

Editing the invoice number will shut down automated invoicing and require support to reset your invoice sequence for you to be able to issue invoices again.


For example, if your invoice reference is INV-0136, change the reference to INV-0136* or INV-0136New and then click Save changes.

Once you've edited the invoice reference, Stripe ACH will automatically try to collect payment for the invoice, based on the standard processing times that apply.

In some rare instances, payments initially approved by the customer's bank and marked as Paid out in Stripe ACH are rejected once the payment is fully settled.

In this instance, you'll receive a failed payment notification from Stripe ACH, but the invoice will remain Paid in Nexudus.

To fix the issue and receive payment, you need to cancel the failed invoice and then issue a new invoice to trigger a new payment request.