Training Calls
  • 14 Sep 2023
  • 1 Minute to read

Training Calls

Article Summary

What are training calls?

Training calls are live virtual training you can book with one of our support specialists. Each training call lasts up to 1 hour and is designed to let you:

  • Ask all your questions about the platform
  • Troubleshoot common issues live
  • Learn more about specific section of the platform

Booking training calls

You can easily book training calls in a few clicks on the Admin Panel.


For more information, check out Booking Training Calls.

Preparing for training calls

You don't need to prepare anything before your training calls with our team unless you'd like us to troubleshoot a specific issue.

We always encourage you to give us as many details as possible while booking your training call. This helps your support specialists understand your needs better and help you reach your goals on the day of the call.


Can I book longer training calls?

All training calls are 1 hour by default. You can book more than one training call to get a longer session.

Can I use the training call time I didn't use at a later date?

No, training calls are 1 hour long by default. Should the call be called short or not cover the full hour, you won't be able to book the remaining time at a later date.

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