• 01 Sep 2022
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What is Unifi.id?

Unifi.id is a complete automated movement intelligence solution that seamlessly identifies all members currently in your space, zone-by-zone, allowing automated alerts & communications to be triggered when needed to any mobile device.

Access cards automatically check your members in and out of the space through Unifi.id sensors at long distances. Unifi.id use their own proprietary long-range RFID Smart Cards. These smart cards are the core detection mechanism used to monitor your space's occupancy and they can be combined with your space’s current access control and printing systems. This means greater insights on real usage of your space's amenities and a seamless experience for members moving around your space.

Your customers won't need to rummage through their pockets or bags to access or move in and out of your space. Your staff can accurately monitor occupancy and access insights in real time.

Unifi.id’s cutting-edge platforms allow you to rapidly deploy in buildings and deliver the only seamless movement intelligence solution that effectively removes technology barriers for occupancy monitoring.

How Unifi.id Can Help Your Space

The following examples are only a few scenarios where Unifi.id can streamline and improve your space’s operations.

Automating Check-ins

Unifi.id offers multiple options to report check-ins and check-outs that will be discussed and defined during the integration process, based on your space's needs.

Users detected in Unifi.id can be simultaneously detected in Nexudus and trigger check-ins and check-outs on both platforms. Unifi.id smart cards let your customers check in and out of your space automatically across different locations, without the need for them to tap their card on any reader. All they need is to have the card on them: in a bag, in their wallet or even just their pocket.

Your front desk staff can monitor and manage customer check-ins using the Unifi.id Live View engagement tool to improve interaction with members.

Check-ins are also tracked and accessible to staff in Nexudus via the Who is in? page on the Admin Panel.


Reinforcing Security

Unifi.id smart cards not only let you know who’s in any one of your spaces at all times with great accuracy, they can also be integrated with your current access control system and replace all types of access cards, including 13.56MHz and 125 kHz cards.

Customers only need to carry a single card to access your space, staff knows where customers are at all times, and they can deliver targeted communication in any of your buildings.

The only requirement you need to meet is having access control readers that are compatible with NFC or RFID access cards and fobs.

Unifi.id isn't compatible with Doordeck.

Doordeck is a fully mobile NFC-based access control integration that doesn't support door access with traditional access cards.

Improving Operations

The automated user detection provides occupancy rates per building that can easily be narrowed down to the floor or zone level. Alerts can also be triggered when maximum occupancy levels are reached.

Unifi.id detailed reports let you visualize the movements of different user types in your building (members, visitors, contractors, etc.). These reports also provide key insights to help you implement operational and strategic actions such as optimizing space usage and identifying areas of cost reduction that can both help your buildings meet Net Zero and UN sustainability goals.

Real Time Updates

Each time a card is assigned to an existing or a new customer in Nexudus an update is sent to the unfi.id platform in real time. Every time a card is removed from a customer's account, an update is sent to the unfi.id platform in real time to revoke the relevant access. Check-ins and check-outs are also recorded in real time on both platforms.

Let your staff focus on delivering the best customer experience to your members instead of spending time on operational tasks that can be fully automated with our integration.

Integrating Unifi.id with Nexudus

What You Need to Integrate Unifi.id

To implement the integration between Unifi.id and Nexudus in your space, all you need is an account on both platforms.

If you aren't familiar with Unifi.id's solutions yet, we recommend you visit their website and get in touch at info@Unifi.id to learn more.

If you already are a Unifi.id customer, you can directly get in touch with the Unifi.id team at tech@Unifi.id and request the integration.

In either case, Unifi.id will let you know the information they need from your space and send you a checklist of the data to be exchanged. Once you've approved the data checklist, the Unifi.id tech team will set up the API integration for you, based on your requirements.

Integration Setup in Your Space

In order to complete the integration, Unifi.id will place a limited number of sensors connected using PoE cables in key areas of your space. The sensors are strategically placed in your space and act as detection points.

You'll also receive dual technology access cards, printed to your requirements, that your customers will be able to use to access your space as soon as the integration is complete.

The Unifi.id team will train your staff to help your space make the most of the operational and strategic insights provided by the Unifi.id platform, such as driving better engagement and assessing data to clearly identify areas of cost reduction.

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