Unlocking Doors Using Brivo
  • 10 Jan 2023
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Unlocking Doors Using Brivo

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Customers have the choice between using the Brivo Pass app or the white-label Passport app to unlock doors.

They need to have your Brivo On Air code ready to use in both apps. This code is sent to them via email when they book a resource connected to Brivo, receive passes connected to Brivo or even have a floor plan item assigned to one of their contracts.


Customers only need to redeem their BrivoOnAir code once, unless they are deleted or suspended with their mobile pass removed in Brivo.

If you selected Delete Brivo users or Suspend Brivo user account and remove Mobile Pass while enabling the Brivo integration on the Admin Panel, customers who don't have any pass, contract or booking linked to Brivo access groups will need to redeem their code again.


Unlocking Doors using Brivo Pass

  1. Download the Brivo Pass on your iOS or Android device.

  2. Open the Brivo Pass app.

  3. Tap the Enter Invite Code in the top left corner of the screen.


  1. Add your email address in the Mobile Pass Email field.

The email address must match the address you used to register with the space.

  1. Add the Brivo code you received via email in the Mobile Pass Invite Code field.


  1. Tap Redeem Invite.

You should now be able to use the Brivo app to unlock doors in the space. If you've enabled Brivo Magic Button on the app, simply make sure Bluetooth is on, open the app, and hold your phone near the reader to unlock doors.

Brivo Magic Button only works if your space uses Brivo's own readers.

If you use third-party readers connected to Brivo, you'll need to select the relevant doors on the app to unlock them.

Access is automatically updated based on the passes, bookings and plans you purchase.

Unlocking Doors Using the White-label Passport app

This feature is only available on the white-label Passport app or the standard Passport app if you started using it before July 1st 2020.
Customers can remotely unlock Brivo doors through your white-label app.

Any customer with access to a Brivo door can unlock it via your app, even if they aren't physically in the space.

Before you can unlock doors using Passport, you need to redeem the Brivo pass using the code you received via email.


  1. Open the Passport app on your phone.

  2. Log in to your account using the email and password you use to log in to the Members Portal.

  3. Tap on the three dots icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.


  1. Tap on My Activity > Integrations > Manage Mobile Pass.


  1. Tap on Set up mobile pass.

  2. Add the Brivo code you've received via email in the Passcode field and tap Redeem.


Your Brivo pass is now on your phone. New passes, bookings and contracts automatically update your level of access and you don't need to update this pass until you receive a new code to redeem via email.


You can disable the Always attempt to open nearest accessible lock toggle if you want to to be able to select the door to open using the app. If you leave it enabled, you won't be able to select any door and the nearest one will always be the door that unlocks.

Going back to the app's home screen, you should now be able to use the app to unlock doors in the space.


Simply make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and tap the Unlock door tile. If you enabled the option to unlock the nearest door in your Brivo pass, the nearest door automatically opens when you tap the tile.

This feature only works if your space uses Brivo's own readers.

If you use third-party readers connected to Brivo, you'll need to select the relevant doors on the app to unlock them.

If you didn't enable the nearest door unlock toggle, tapping the tile gives you the option to Unlock Nearest or pick a specific door to open in the space.


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