Appearance Settings
  • 04 May 2022
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Appearance Settings

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The Appearance tab in Website settings lets you control your Members Portal's default URL along, color scheme, and its display within your network.


Nexudus creates a default URL for your Members Portal based on your location's name. You can edit this default URL and rename it as you'd like.

Editing your location's name through Settings > General settings won't automatically update your location's default domain.

Primary and Secondary Colors

Nexudus automatically picks up your logo's primary and secondary colors. You can edit those colors and define your own colors using HEX codes.

Display this location in your website and the app

This toggle lets you include or hide your current location's Members Portal if you manage a network of locations. If the toggle is disabled, your current location won't be included in the list of locations available on your other locations Members Portals

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