Email Server Settings
  • 13 Apr 2022
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Email Server Settings

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Sender Information

From name

This field lets you define the signature that we add at the end of all default email notifications sent to customers.


Reply-to address

This field lets you define the email address that receives all replies sent by customers through an email notification.

Carbon Copy

Send a copy (BCC) of every message to the Reply-to address for this location

This toggle lets you automatically send a copy of all email notifications added to the email queue to the email address you've defined in the Reply-to address field.

Send a copy (BCC) of every message to

This field lets you add email addresses. All the addresses you add to this field will receive every email notification that's added to the email queue.

Make sure you separate all email addresses using semicolons (;).


Advanced Settings

If you disable the Use Nexudus servers to deliver email (recommended) toggle, multiple fields appear to let you define your own SMTP server, such as Gmail or Outlook.

In order to use your own server to deliver email notifications, you'll need your:

  • Email server host
  • Email server port
  • SMTP username & password

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