• 28 Mar 2024
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eZeep is a legacy integration.

What is eZeep?

eZeep is a cloud-based printing solution that lets your customers print from any device. The integration with Nexudus lets them print using printing credits, pay-per-print, or a combination of both.


How the eZeep Integration Works

Once you've set up your eZeep account and your printers, you can enable the integration on the Admin Panel.

You'll import your first batch of customers to eZeep as you complete the integration. From then, you'll need to sync any new customer joining your space as users in eZeep.

When Nexudus creates a user account in eZeep for new customers, customers receive an email notification from eZeep prompting them to log in to their eZeep account. Once they have accessed their eZeep account for the first time, they're able to start printing from any of their devices.

When customers are suspended or deleted in Nexudus, we automatically delete their user account in eZeep within a few minutes.

For more information, check out Integrating eZeep.


Do I have to manually sync every new customer I add in Nexudus?

Yes, but you can sync multiple customers at once. You can trigger a manual sync by ticking the checkbox next to every relevant customer and then clicking Update eZeep in the Bulk actions menu.

This automatically creates eZeep users for the selected customers.

How are print jobs charged?

Customers can be charged per print and/or use printing credits if you make them available to them. If a customer doesn't have enough printing credits left to cover their whole print job, we ignore the partial credits and charge them for the print instead.

What happens in eZeep when I suspend or delete a customer in Nexudus?

Nexudus automatically removes users from your eZeep account when linked customers are:

  • suspended for any reason in Nexudus
  • deleted from the Admin Panel

We'll also remove users in eZeep if you disable printing in the customer's account.


Can I edit the email customers receive when they're added to eZeep?

No, you cannot edit the eZeep email template as eZeep doesn't allow template editing.

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