Floor Plan Items
  • 27 Apr 2023
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Floor Plan Items

Article Summary

What are Floor Plan Items?

Floor plan items represent specific areas or rooms on your floor plans. Each floor plan item usually matches a resource that customers can book or an area in your space assigned to a customer through a contract.
For example, you could have eight hot-desk floor plan items connected to the same hot-desk resource. Or you could assign an office floor plan item to a customer with a private office plan.
There are four floor plan item types you can choose from, depending on what the item represents on your floor plan:

  • Offices

This item is suitable for any type of office in your space.

  • Dedicated desk

This item is suitable for any desk that you assign to contracts.

  • Hot-desk

This item is suitable for any hot-desk that you assign to contracts or that can be booked through a resource.

You can connect hot-desks to more than one contract.
  • Other

For meeting rooms or areas that don't match any other floor plan item type.

How Floor Plan Items Work

Once you've added a floor plan, you can add and edit floor plan items.

You can assign floor plan items to contracts to track an item's occupancy and availability. You can see assigned via the Contracts tab of a floor plan.

You can connect floor plan items to resources to let customers book them via the floor plan view on the Members Portal. You can view bookings for floor plan items via the Bookings tab of a floor plan.

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