• 16 Nov 2021
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What Is the Help-desk?

The help-desk lets members and contacts reach out for help by sending requests via the Members Portal.

This can include letting you know something isn't working as it should in the space, ask questions on how to connect to your network or any other type of common request. You can think of the help-desk as your own built-in ticketing system!

You can respond to the requests you receive and make sure that you and your staff know the status of each request.

Help-desk Departments

Help-desk requests can be organized into departments that work like categories to help you manage them as quickly and as efficiently as possible. When a customer sends a help request, they'll have the option to choose a department based on the ones you've created.

When they do so, all the staff members that you've designated as department managers will receive a notification on the Admin Panel and via email to alert them. If customers don't select a department, all help-desk managers will receive the notification.

Help-desk Priority Levels

Once you receive a help-desk request, you can assign a priority level to the request. This priority setting is designed to help you and your team make sure that the most urgent requests are handled first. All you need to do to assign a priority level to a help desk request is to click on the request, select level and click Save changes at the bottom of the page.


Customers aren't able to assign a priority level to their request.

Priority is only available on the Admin Panel and all requests are set to Normal priority by default.

Help-desk Notifications

There are two types of help-desk notifications that are sent out by Nexudus:

Admin Notifications

These notifications are when the help-desk request is initially sent, to users responsible for managing help-desk requests. This is any user who has the setting Send a notification about new help-desk messages set to YES. If a coworker assigned a department when they created the request, this notification goes to every manager of that department. You can assign managers to a department in the department's settings.

Reply Notifications

These notifications are sent to customers when an admin replies to their help-desk request. If an administrator has answered the request, then when a member or contact posts a reply, a notification is sent to that administrator. Members and contacts can reply to this notification by email. The system then posts a new reply on the help-desk.
You can customise the reply notification by going to the Communications section in Settings and clicking Notifications > Templates > Open template files. The name of the file is HelpDeskReply.

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