Testing Payment Methods
  • 14 Apr 2022
  • 2 Minutes to read

Testing Payment Methods

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We strongly recommend you test all card and direct debit payment methods you enable in each of your locations before going live and process customer payments.

Testing the payment flow as a customer is the best way to ensure you can receive customer payments without issues and fix any potential problem.

What You Need to Test Your Payment Method

A dummy customer account

You need dummy customer account with an unpaid/due invoice. This customer must be active and have access to the Members Portal.

A valid payment method

You also need a credit/debit card if you're testing a card payment method or bank details if you're testing a direct debit payment method.

Test payments are always processed using real funds.

Make sure you use bank or card details of accounts you own to pay the invoice.

Step 1. Invoicing Your Dummy Customer

The first step of the testing process is adding a charge to the dummy customer and then issuing an invoice for that charge.

We recommend adding a charge above $1.

Charges under $1 are automatically flagged as fraud and rejected by some payment gateways.

  1. Log in to dashboard.nexudus.com if you aren't already.

  2. Click on the dummy customer.

  3. Click on the Sales tab.

From there you can add any charge you'd like to the dummy customer. The simplest option is adding a product to the customer's account. Once you have a charge, you can issue the invoice in just a few clicks.

  1. Click on the Invoices tab.

  2. Click Add invoice.

  3. Click the Save Changes button.

Step 2. Paying the Invoice

Now that you have an invoice for your dummy customer, you can access their account on the Members Portal and pay the invoice.

  1. Log in to dashboard.nexudus.com if you aren't already.

  2. Click the three dots icon next to your dummy customer.

  3. Click Access account in the pop-up menu.

You are automatically redirected to the Members Portal.

  1. Click on the Unpaid invoice tile

You can now click on the payment method you want to test and pay the invoice.

Credit/Debit Card Payments

If you're testing a card payment gateway, you'll need to add your card details and complete the checkout. You'll be able to see if the payment is successfull straight away.

Direct Debit Payments
If you're testing a direct debit payment method, you'll need to set up a direct debit mandate and wait at least 3 working days to make sure the payment method works.

Once the invoice is successfully paid in Nexudus without any issue, you can move to the last step to refund your payment.

Step 3. Refunding the Invoice (if applicable)

Now that you've tested your payment method, you can refund the invoice you've just paid. The way you refund the invoice is different based on the payment method you used to pay the invoice.

For more information, check out Refunding Invoices.

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