• 08 Jun 2023
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What Are Plans?

Plans are a subscription or memberships that customers can sign up to in exchange for access to your space and other benefits.
When a customer signs up to a plan, they automatically become a member in Nexudus. They will be invoiced based on the billing cycle defined in their plan.

Signing up to a plan also automatically generates a contract that acts as the individual agreement you have with each customer. This contract is generated based on the settings of the associated plan, but you are free to edit the contract as you like for each customer.

For example, you can set up a plan called Hot-Desk for $700 a month. This plan includes the following benefits that are renewed every month:

  • 20 day passes to give your customers access to the space Monday to Friday all month
  • 50 hours of booking credit that is valid for hot desk and small meeting room bookings
  • $20 money credit that can be used to book any resource in the space

Plan benefits a simply credits and passes from your inventory.

Plans and Contracts

Every time a customer signs up to a plan, Nexudus generates a contract for that member. The contract is created based on the plan's settings and details. You can then customize the contract to meet customer-specific requirements.

Plans are the template that you make available to all customers and contracts are the individual agreement you have with every individual customer.

When you edit a plan, your changes will impact all members signed up to that plan. When you edit a contract, changes only impact the customer linked to the contract.

Plans and Invoicing

Plans are automatically renewed according to the billing frequency defined in the plan's settings. Members are invoiced at the end of each billing cycle. Plans billing cycles can be defined in months or weeks.

Their invoice includes all the plans members are signed up to along with any additional products purchased over the course of the billing cycle.

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