Printing Credits
  • 27 Apr 2023
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Printing Credits

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What are Printing Credits?

Printing credits are a number of printing units that you make available to customer to let them print in your space. Printing credits work alongside our printing integrations.

How Printing Credits Work

Before you can start using printing credits, you should enable the eZeep or PaperCut integration in your account. Once the integration is enabled, you can start adding printing credits as benefits to plans, products or customer accounts.

Printing credits will then be used whenever customers print in your space. Printing credits are unit-based with each printing unit being equivalent to 1 cent.


When will customers receive the printing credits I just added to plans and products?

Members already signed up to the edited plans will only receive the new printing credits when their contract is renewed. Customers with recurring products will also only receive the new credits once their product is renewed. Any customer signing up to a plan or purchasing a product after you edit the plans or products will immediately receive the new credits.

How do I make sure customers are charged for printing credits?

Printing credits don't add charges to a customer's account on their own. If you include the credits as plan or product benefits, you can simply add the value of the credits to the item's price.

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