• 01 Jun 2023
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Article Summary

What is RADIUS?

RADIUS is a server-based method to control who can connect to your Wi-Fi network. It can help you check your customers in automatically in Nexudus when they log in to your network.

How the RADIUS Integration Works

You need a controller that's within the supported controller list in IronWiFi: https://www.ironwifi.com/list-of-supported-vendors

Before you configure your controller, you also need a RADIUS server license. You need a RADIUS server license for each Wi-Fi access point you plan on having in your space. Nexudus can get a license for you at a discounted price of $/£/€6 per access point/per month. Just contact support to request a license, making sure you include the name of your controller vendor.

Each license comes with two geographically redundant servers for RADIUS Authentication and RADIUS Accounting. We create these as close as possible to your physical location based on the data centers we have available.

Once you have your license, set up your controller and enable the integration in Nexudus.

For more information, check out Integrating RADIUS.

We do not provide support to set up or troubleshoot your network.

The instructions we provide are guidelines to help you connect your network and Nexudus, but we strongly recommend hiring professionals with experience setting up server-based Wi-Fi networks.


Can I edit the splash page my customers see when they connect to my network?

Yes, Nexudus can provide access details that let you customize your splash page. For more information, check out Customizing IronWiFi Splash Pages.

Should I request a new license if I decide to have more access points?

No, just get in touch with us at support@nexudus.com and let us know the total number of access points you have along with your controller vendor name. We'll adjust your license accordingly.