Understanding Recurring Products
  • 05 Apr 2024
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Understanding Recurring Products

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How Recurring Products Work

Any product can be added as a recurrent sale to a customer's account from the Admin Panel. When creating a product or when you edit an existing one, you can define if customers can purchase the product just as a one-off, just as a plan add-on or both.

Recurring products are invoiced at set intervals that can be a number of days, weeks, months, or years. You can also link recurring product to any member's main contract, meaning the product sale is renewed every time a member's main contract is invoiced.

Examples of items you may want to sell as recurrent products include parking passes or lockers.

All new products are available as one-off and recurring purchases by default.

You can edit those details via the Availability tab of any product record.

Recurring Products & Contacts

Unlike a contract that automatically makes any customer a member, selling a recurrent product to a contact won't make them a member. Contacts with recurring products will be invoiced for the selected products every time the purchase is renewed, as defined when you sold them the initial product.

For example:

*A contact who gets a 5 Day Pass product set to renew every 2 weeks, so they always have a valid pass ready when they want to check into your location.

A customer who purchases 10 Network Day Pass every month because they want to use different locations in your network for a couple of days every month.*

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