• 02 Aug 2022
  • 1 Minute to read


What Are Visitors?

Visitors are individuals who aren't currently members or contacts in Nexudus. They are registered to visit your space on a one-off basis and they have an assigned host who can be any customer or admin within your space.

For example, a customer who invited a consultant to join a team meeting would register them as a visitor. People booking tours are also automatically added as visitors.

Their visits are always scheduled and they can either be checked in by an admin or check themselves in using NexIO.

Visitors & Door Access

Visitors are never granted door access. They won't be added to any access control system group and they'll always need an admin or their host to unlock doors for them.

Limiting Visitors

Nexudus lets you limit the number of visitors your members can invite through plans limits. You can also choose to remove the option to add visitors from the Members Portal through the Settings section.

Learn how to limit visitor registration with our article on limiting visitor registration.