• 27 Apr 2023
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What are Assets?

Inventory assets let you track physical items that your space own and assign to occupiers. Assets can include wide range of items, from desks, chairs or multimedia equipment to access cards or locker keys.

Assets can be assigned to users indefinitely or for a set amount of time.

How Assets Work

You first create assets for all the items your want to list and track through your Nexudus inventory. Each asset has its own, name, monetary value, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), image, and description. You also have the option to create assets in bulk if you have multiple units of the same item.

Once you've created all your assets, you can assign them to occupiers. You can assign assets on a rolling basis or define a return date by which occupiers must bring the item back.

For example, you can assign chairs and desks to occupiers within a team and also assign all the items to the team's manager.

You can also assign access cards, headphones and laptops to occupiers who are on a fixed contract and define a return date for their assets based on their contract's end date.


Can occupiers see and manage their assets?

No, occupiers can't see or edit assets assigned to them. Assets are an admin tool designed to help your space know what's currently available and track who's currently using which assets.

What does an asset's monetary value do?

The monetary value field helps you assess the individual value of each item for your own reference and reporting. You can export your current assets at any point and use the monetary value column to figure out the total value of your assets.

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