Email Notifications
  • 27 Apr 2023
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Email Notifications

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What are Email Notifications?

Email notifications, also known as customer notifications, are templated messages that Nexudus sends via email to your customers on your space's behalf whenever specific actions is recorded in their account.

Actions include events such as customers being registred in your space, visitors checking in, customers making a booking or even e-signature requests.

How Email Notifications Work

Email notifications are sent to customers as soon as the connected action is recorded in Nexudus.

For example, as soon as a customer booking is confirmed either on the Admin Panel or the Members Portal the Booking confirmation notification would be sent to the customer within minutes.

Most notifications cannot be disabled, but some of them aren't sent when specific settings are disabled in your location.

Email Notifications & Networks

Templates are bound to each individual location in your network. This means that templates you edit in one location won't be edited in any other location within your network.

Email Notifications Languages

Nexudus provides a set of email notifications in all the supported Members Portal language, including:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Arabic*
  • Hebrew*
  • Japanese*
  • Dutch*
  • Norwegian*
  • Polish*
  • Swedish*
*Provided you activated the language beforehand.

You can edit the template of each notification using the built-in editor or directly through the notification's code.

Editing a notification template in one language won't impact the same template in other languages.

For example, if you edit your English notification templates, only the English templates will reflect your updates.

Available Email Notifications

The following email notifications are currently available and sent out to customers automatically:

  • Auto checkout
  • Blog comment posted
  • Booking cancelled
  • Booking cancelled for visitors
  • Booking confirmation
  • Booking confirmation for Visitors
  • Booking reminder
  • Booking termination confirmation
  • Brivo OnAir code
  • Credit note issued
  • Customer file sent
  • Delivery received
  • Direct Debit request
  • E-signature request
  • Event attendee event finished
  • Event comment posted
  • Event registration
  • Event registration cancelled
  • Event reminder
  • Event update
  • FormPageInvitation
  • Help desk reply
  • Invoice created
  • Low time passes
  • New wall message
  • Password changed
  • Password reset
  • Payment failed
  • Payment received
  • PIN Reminder
  • Proposal sent
  • Referral invite
  • Sign-up account restore
  • Survey invitation
  • Terms and conditions agreed

For more information, check out Email Notifications List


Can I disable some of my email notifications?

No, all the available notifications are automatically sent to customers when the associated action is recorded in Nexudus. Some notifications that rely on specific settings in your account can be paused by disabling the relevant settings.

For more information, check out Email Notifications List

Are notifications always sent instantly?

Yes, most notifications are sent as soon as the relevant action is recorded in Nexudus. Some notifications, such as the Booking reminder are sent at specific times based on their settings.

How can I make sure a customer received a notification?

You can easily see if a notification sent to a customer was Delivered by checking your Email queue.


Notifications are usually Rejected when the customer's email doesn't exist or their inbox is full.

Can I disable all notifications?

Yes, you can disable all notifications via the Notifications page.

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