• 04 Jul 2022
  • 1 Minute to read


What Is the Help-desk?

The help-desk lets users ask for help by sending requests via the User Portal.

This can include letting you know something isn't working as it should in the space, ask how visitors can connect to your network or ask for any type of assistance. You can think of the help-desk as your own built-in ticketing system!

Admins respond to the requests through the Admin Panel, from where they can assign a priority level to the requests and move them between help-desk departments.

Help-desk Departments

You can organize help-desk in departments that work like categories. Help-desk departments are designed to help you manage different requests as quickly and as efficiently as possible. When a user sends a help request, they'll have the option to choose a department based on the ones you've created.


When they submit their request, all admins that you've designated as department managers receive a notification on the Admin Panel and via email. If users don't select a department, all help-desk managers receive both notifcations.

Help-desk Priority Levels

Admins can assign a priority level to any request. Priority is designed to help admins handle the most urgent requests first. All you need to do to assign a priority level to a help desk request is to click on the request, select a Priority level, and then click Save changes at the bottom of the page.


Users cannot assign a priority level to their requests.

All requests received from the User Portal are set to Normal priority by default.