Members Onsite
  • 04 Jul 2022
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Members Onsite

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What is Members Onsite?

Members onsite is a feature of the User Portal that lets users know how many colleagues are in the space at all times. This feature helps them assess how busy the space is and plan their bookings and visits accordingly.

Whenever a user logs in to the User Portal, the first tile they see on their dashboard is Members onsite. The tile lets them know how many people are currently checked in against the space's maximum capacity.


If they click on the tile, they are redirected to a page that lets them know:

  • How many spots are still available in each location
  • How many of their team members are currently in each location
  • How busy each space is at the moment


How Members Onsite Works

The Members onsite feature works with your space's maximum capacity and the check-in system you have in place. Every time a user checks in or out, we automatically the Members onsite count.

You can edit your space's maximum capacity via Settings > Check-in settings on the Admin Panel.


You need to define the maximum building capacity in each location of your Network.

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