• 11 Mar 2024
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What is Equipment?

Equipment represents physical items that you don't directly sell or lease to customersfor example chairs in furnished offices or headsets you lend to customers who request them. You can assign equipment to customers for a given period or on a rolling basis.

Equipment can be valuable items such as furniture or monitors, but it can also help you track items of lesser value that you hand out to customers when they join your space and expect them to return before they leave, such as access cards or locker keys, .

Equipment simply let you keep a record of items you own and help you track who's in their possession at all times. You manage all your equipment from the Inventory section of the Admin Panel.


How Equipment works

You first need to create build your equipment inventory for the items you want to track. Each piece of equipment can have its own, name, monetary value, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), image, and description. You can then assign your equipment to one or more customers. You can also assign equipment with or without setting a return date.

For example, you can assign chairs and desks to members of a team signing up for a year-long office membership. You can also assign an access card to each customer who has a contract with parking space.

Equipment is different from products. While equipment can have a value, assigning them to customers will never charge them that value.

For more information, check out Adding Equipment

Want to insure your equipment in case a customer damages or never returns some items?

Consider factoring the value of the equipment in plan deposits or plan prices to cover the repair or replacement of damaged and missing items.

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