• 15 Sep 2022
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What Are Assets?

Assets let you keep track of all the items your space owns and makes available to customers. Assets can include valuable items such as desks, chairs, or multimedia equipment. Assets can also include items of lesser value that you hand out to customers when they join your space, such as access cards or locker keys, and expect them to return before they leave.

Assets are managed from the Inventory section of the Admin Panel.


How Assets Work

You first create assets for all the items your want to keep a track of in your inventory. Each asset can have its own, name, monetary value, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), image, and description. You can then assign each asset to one or multiple customers at once. Assets can be assigned to customers with or without a set return date.

For example, you can assign a bunch of chairs and desks to members of a team that signed up for a year-long office membership.

You could also assign an access card to each customer who has a contract that includes a parking space.

{{Assets_CAP}} are different from products in the sense that each asset has a value, but assigning an asset to a customer will never directly charge them for the value of the item.

Want to secure an asset's value in case a customer damages or never returns the item?

Consider factoring the value of the assets in your plan deposits or plan prices to cover the repair or replacement of damaged/missing assets.

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