Discount Codes
  • 11 Jun 2024
  • 1 Minute to read

Discount Codes

Article summary

What are Discount Codes?

Discount Codes are discounts that you can give customers via the Admin Panel or share with customers for them to use directly on the Members Portal. Discount codes can be percentage-based or have a set monetary value.

For example, you can create a discount code for 20% off bookings and another discount code for $15 off plan signups.

You can also control the following elements for any of your discount codes:

  • How many customers can use the discount code
  • How many times each customer can use the discount code

How to Use Discount Codes

Once you've created the discount codes via the Finance section on the Admin Panel, all you need to do is either directly add them to customer accounts or share them.

Customers and admins can only apply one discount code per sales item or booking.

You can share discount codes with customers through your channel of choice (articles, newsletters, etc.). Customers then have the option to apply the discount codes as they check out on the Members Portal.

Customers can only apply one discount code per transaction.


Discount Codes and Plans

If your discount codes are set up to apply to plan purchases, you need to make sure that your discount validity starts on the day or prior to the customer's contract start date.

For example, a new customer's contract is set to start on May 10th and you decided to offer a 10% discount on all purchases for new customers in May.

Your discount's validity start date must be May 10th or earlier for the discount to apply to the new customer's plan signup. If your discount's validity start date is May 11th or later, the discount won't apply to the plan and its associated contract.

Discount Codes and Networks

If you manage a network of locations, you can create discount codes in your Network location and let all customers across all locations use the discount.

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